Crochet Egg Apron And The Benefits Of Raising Backyard Chickens

Are you the proud owner of a pet chicken?  This crochet egg apron is just what you need to make your trips to the coop hands and mess-free!

The rates of backyard chicken raising have exploded over the past several years.  In cities and rural areas alike, people are enjoying the benefits of raising their own birds.  Want, Need, Love is a big chicken fan and has designed this adorable and clever apron, specifically for her egg-gathering expeditions.


Make a crochet egg apron for yourself or for the favorite homesteader in your life.

She is sharing her easy-to-follow pattern with us, which you can find at her Etsy shop.  A what a great gift for someone who loved raising chickens as much as you do!



Based on a recent article in the New York Times, those who raise chickens are certainly not alone.  According to Traci Torres, a founder of My Pet Chicken, a Connecticut-based backyard chicken vendor,

 “the birds were becoming so popular that the company often sells out months in advance. Ten years ago, the company sold about 5,000 chicks in a year, Ms. Torres said, and now it sells hundreds of thousands a year. “We don’t see any signs of it slowing down.”

Chicken-raising does not come without risks.  Each city, town and neighborhood has its own rules and you need to take steps to avoid diseases such as Salmonella. Dr. Megin Nichols, a veterinarian at the C.D.C., says to:

  • keep hands washed
  • use a separate pair of boots for the coop
  • don’t let the chickens live in the house
  • don’t eat or drink where they live
  • avoid kissing and hugging them


According to, the three primary reasons why people raise chickens are:

  • Food for home use
  • Help with gardening tasks like pest control and fertilization
  • Pets!


This chart shows some of the many agricultural benefits of keeping chickens in your yard.


allcreated - backyard chickens

credit: Abundant Permaculture/Justin Rhodes



I think I’m going to go make myself some eggs! 😉


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