No More Holes With This Wine Cork Dart Board Frame

Wine Cork Dart Board Frame

Are the walls surrounding your dart board littered with holes?  Solve that problem with this stylish and useful Wine Cork Dart Board Frame!

We love a project that serves a utilitarian purpose as well as adding a bit of style to our space.  This frame adds a pub-like vibe to the room, but also solves the dilemma that every dart board owner deals with…holes in the wall.



The frame is actually a box that was constructed by a contributor to Imgur.  He had a few goals in mind with this project.  He wanted to cover an electrical panel and he needed to protect the wall around his dart board.  His wine corks were lovingly collected over a year’s time from friends and family who wanted to contribute.  If you don’t have enough of a cork collection, you can easily order them online or buy at a craft store.  The size of your frame is up to you.  But you might want to base it on how good a shot you think you are!


allcreated - wine cork dart board frame 1

credit: Imgur

Check out the contributor post at Imgur to see how you can make your own Wine Cork Dart Board Frame.


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