Dollar Store Paint Pouring Creates Stunning Artwork

Is your inner Van Gogh screaming to get out?  Even if you think you have no artistic talent, try this paint pouring technique made with dollar store supplies.

The latest trend in art is one that literally involves pouring paint onto a surface and allowing it to mix and blend until you have the look that you want.  The secrets are using the right kind of “canvas” and making sure that they paint is amended properly.

While there are many expensive products to achieve this effect, artist Rick Cheadle wanted to see if he could recreate the same look using supplies from the dollar store.



Spending only $9 for the pour ingredients and a few old vinyl albums as canvases, he was able to create 6 different pieces and imitate the same effect as if he were using much more expensive materials.

We love the way the colors blend and create such organic designs.  What a fun and inexpensive way to create some gorgeous new artwork for your walls!


allcreated - paint pouring

credit: Rick Cheadle


WATCH:  Try your hand at this magnificent paint pouring technique for only a few dollars

Here are the dollar store supplies to make your own masterpieces:

  • poster paints
  • fabric paints
  • white school glue
  • spray lubricant
  • clear plastic cups
  • mini red plastic cups
  • wooden craft sticks
  • drop cloth

Visit Rick Cheadle for more information on this technique.


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