How To Make A Cupcake Flowerpot Bouquet That Mom Will Adore

Step By Step Tutorial For A Quick,  Beautiful And Yummy Mother’s Day Gift

What’s better than a bouquet for Mother’s Day?  How about a cupcake flowerpot bouquet that you made yourself?  Gorgeous and scrumptious!



We’ve been seeing these cupcake bouquets alot lately and we think they are stunning!  We have to admit, though, they look a bit complicated to make.   Frankly, we were nervous that the cupcakes would be too heavy and fall off the bouquet, but See Vanessa Craft has provided all the instructions that we need to make this project foolproof!  Her trick is to use mini-cupcakes, which are far less heavy than full size cupcakes.  We also like the idea of making the cupcakes in a few different flavors, so that your Mom is able to sample several of her favorites in little bite size servings!

To make them extra sturdy, try adding a little frosting to the bottom of each cupcake as you attach them to the ball.  Once it firms up, it will act as glue, but don’t use too much!  Happy caking and we hope your Mom loves her treat!


allcreated - cupcake flowerpot bouquet


WATCH: With some cupcakes and a few craft supplies, you can make this cupcake flowerpot bouquet in no time!

Credit:  See Vanessa Craft


You will need the following:

  • 24 mini-cupcakes (your flavor choice)
  • cupcake icing
  • piping bag
  • 2D piping tip
  • medium size flower pot
  • styrofoam ball that fits on top of pot
  • toothpicks

Visit See Vanessa Craft for more tips on making this yummy bouquet!


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