How To Make Homemade Ice. The Secret Recipe Is Finally Revealed.

Your Friends And Family Will Be Begging For Your Homemade Ice Recipe

We can’t believe that this recipe has finally been documented.  The secret of how to make homemade ice is now yours.  You’re welcome.



WATCH:  We promise you can do this.  Just take it one step at a time and you, too, can know how to make homemade ice.


Just look at what others are saying about this fabulous recipe:

“This recipe is great! I tried adding mustard and pickles, about 2 oz of each, and then instead of the freezer I set mine on fire. The family just loved how it turned out! This is definitely a keeper!”

“Are you going to put this recipe in a cookbook? I just can’t keep up with all the steps. I’ve watched the video over and over but I think I’m still missing a step and I don’t know which one. I keep ending up with just water.”

“I am from Antarctica, and we invented ice. You are doing it all wrong. Real ice isn’t formed in a plastic tray. Like, do you even have a clue?”


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