Fire Up Your Taste Buds for These 10 Blowtorch Recipes

Fire Up Your Taste Buds for These 10 Blowtorch Recipes

Flames AND food? Yes, please! These 10 blowtorch recipes are a perfect excuse to play with your food. What a great way to encourage cooking in your home.


We love the idea of grilling food – what’s more fun than a grill? A Blowtorch!  Not just for Crème Brûlée any more, blowtorches are great for adding that extra touch to your cooking. Perfect for items that need an extra melt (e.g. cheese) or those that need browning (e.g. marshmallows) blowtorch recipes are easy to recreate and the options are endless!

1. Blowtorch Recipes Are Not Just For Desserts

These ribs are the perfect dish for a BBQ potluck!

2. Blowtorch Recipes Make Breakfast Something to Savor

10 Blowtorch Recipes _ french toast _ breakfast _ all created

credit: PBS Food

Who says French Toast has to be boring?

3. Blowtorch Recipes Take Comfort To A Whole New Level

10 Blowtorch Recipes _ mac and cheese _ comfort food _ all created

credit: The Manual

A great spin on an old comfort-food favorite!

4. Blowtorch Recipes Turn Raw Into Awesome

Add a little kick to your sushi! It might even make non-sushi folks think twice.

5. Blowtorch Recipes Make Healthy Look Exciting

credit: Refined Guy

Eating your veggies doesn’t have to be boring!

6. Blowtorch Recipes Make Desserts That Much Sweeter

These bite-sized lemon tarts look amazing!

7. Blowtorch Recipes Take Pizza to Pizzazz Without An Oven

10 Blowtorch Recipes _ pizza _ all created

credit: Serious Eats

This simple and easy torch pizza brings the flavor of the wood-fired bake to your home!

8. Blowtorch Recipes Make Fruit Look Like Candy

With a nod to crème brûlée, this torched grapefruit makes breakfast look like dessert!

9. Blowtorch Recipes Make Eating At Home A Gourmet Meal

10 Blowtorch Recipes _ doner kebab _ meat _ all created

credit: The Guardian

Doner Kebabs (rotisserie lamb meat) made at home mean no more expensive restaurant bills!

10. Blowtorch Recipes ARE for Rainy Day S’mores

10 Blowtorch Recipes _ smores _ all created

credit: Zoe Bakes

These chocolate ganache and meringue s’mores are amazing!


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