Low-Carb Zucchini Enchiladas Will Make Your Mouth Water

Low-Carb Zucchini Enchiladas Will Make Your Mouth Water

What if you could eat healthy AND enjoy your food? Low-carb zucchini enchiladas are the perfect dish for those trying to work on their diet!


We love this recipe as an easy-to-make, healthy dish! Low-carb zucchini enchiladas offer a tasty alternative to those boring “safe” meals. Only taking 40 minutes including prep time, zucchini enchiladas are a great work-week choice with a super flavor.  This cheesy low-carb recipe is also a great option for if one person is trying to watch what they eat but maybe the rest of the family is not. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. The flavors, colors, ease and healthiness of this meal make it a super go-to meal for anyone!



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credit: Delish


We love the variations that you could do with this meal as well.  The recipe calls for shredded chicken, but if you wanted a vegetarian option you could add rice or beans.  By slicing the zucchini in thin strips, it allows extra moisture to cook out giving a better consistency to the enchiladas.  Delish reviewers tell us these are so good, you won’t even miss the tortillas!


Head over to Delish for the list of ingredients for these low-carb zucchini enchiladas!