Fun DIY Photo Bookmarks Are A Great Personalized Gift Or Keepsake

Fun DIY Photo Bookmarks Are A Great Personalized Gift Or Keepsake

Do you like the idea of your kids hanging out around books all day?  They will be with these precious DIY photo bookmarks!



A few years ago, when my kids were in elementary school, one of their teachers coordinated the most adorable and special project.  For Mother’s Day, my son brought home a bookmark for me that was made of a photo of him in all his 3rd grade glory.  The teacher had taken photos of each of the kids, posed as though they were hanging in mid-air, cropped and laminated the photos.  She then attached a tassel to the top, as though the child was flying and hanging on to the tassel.  This bookmark instantly became my favorite and each time I opened my book, I was greeted with the beaming face of my precious 3rd grader.  We are so excited to have found the instructions to create more of these photo bookmarks.  Hop on over to Come Together Kids and they will show you how.



Here’s what you will need to make these charming personalized photo bookmarks:

  • Photograph of child posed as though they are hanging
  • Scissors
  • Card Stock
  • Contact Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Tassel

Here is the step-by-step!  Come Together Kids


We love this idea for so many reasons.  It’s great for a school project, gift idea or party favor/thank you.  And it’s such a great keepsake to help remember your child at that special moment in their youth.


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