Graduation Cap Money Jar Is A Cute And Easy Commencement Present

Send Your Graduate Into The World With This Slick Gift Of Cold, Hard Cash

Is there a graduate in your midst?  Celebrate them and get them off on the right foot with this clever graduation cap money jar gift.



Graduation time is upon us and, let’s face it, nothing could serve these kids better than a little extra cash.  Whether saving up for a car, a trip, rent (one can hope, right?) or tuition, they probably need our help funding their “adulting”.  This money jar from Hip2Save is really quite easy to make and is a much more memorable way to give money than a check in a card.  Make it extra cute by rolling the bills like a diploma and tying with ribbon.  Your graduate will be so grateful!


allcreated - graduation cap money jar

credit: Hip2Save


Only a few supplies to make a Graduation Cap Money Jar:

  • mason jar
  • one piece of square shaped cardstock paper larger than the lid
  • rectangle shaped cardstock paper long enough to fit around rim of lid
  • double sided tape or glue
  • crepe paper (streamers) for tassel
  • one small button
  • string or twine
  • scissors
  • money for mini diplomas
  • balloon curling ribbon
  • gold coin chocolates (optional)

Visit Hip2Save for the complete instructions.


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