Astounding Crazy Hair Day Ideas That Defy Gravity

Don’t let school spirit days catch you off guard!  Be prepared with these funny and clever crazy hair day ideas that elevate hairstyles to art.

Crazy hair days were not a thing when most of us were growing up, but they have become an anticipated dress-up day in modern school circles.  And, of course, there are those Moms and kids who really know how to take it up a few notches and put the rest of us to shame.  While I was probably rooting in the attic at the 11 hour to find a ratty wig to throw on my kid’s head, these Moms had a full-blown plan to WIN!  (Even though there was probably not even a contest, per se.  But you know how that goes.)



Sunny Skyz has compiled a gallery of some of the most mind-blowing ideas we have seen.  Although I may be a tad jealous of the pure ingenuity flowing out of these families, I have to say, I can appreciate a good creative idea as much as the next person and some of these are simply brilliant.  So here’s your chance to make your child’s mark on spirit day.  Try your hand at one of these amazing ideas or try creating your own!



allcreated - crazy hair day

credit: Sunny Skyz


With some strong hairspray and a lot of creativity, your kid could take home the crazy hair day grand prize!

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