Dollar Store Tips On What And What Not To Buy

Believe it or not, the dollar store is not always a bargain.  Take a tour and learn dollar store tips on what and what not to purchase there.

So this is not really news to us.  We have long known that despite the $1 price tag, not all items at the dollar store are actually worth that amount.  There are, in fact, several things that simply are not of very good quality or that can actually be purchased more affordably elsewhere.



Tag along with But First, Coffee as she takes a trip around her local store, offering up her tricks and tips on the best values for $1.  You might be surprised at some of her favorites and some of her not-so-favorites.  In the end, these tips should help all of us be smarter shoppers, in and out of the dollar aisles.






WATCH: But First, Coffee provides money-savings dollar store tips



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