8 Ice Tray Hacks That Make Your Kitchen So Efficient

Hang onto those extra trays because these ice tray hacks will change the way you prep and preserve ingredients, treats and more.

We love a time, money and space saving hack and here’s a list that has all of that!  From simplifying pasta to creating our own gourmet chocolate bar, who knew an ordinary plastic ice tray could be so handy?

Check out these 8 tips that are so helpful, they may just change the way you prep and preserve in your kitchen.



Thanks to Tastemade for bringing us these great ideas.  We will certainly be making room in the freezer for some extra trays!


allcreated - ice tray hacks

credit: Tastemade


Ice Tray Hacks include:
  • Homemade ravioli
  • Flower ice cubes
  • Ready when you are cookie dough
  • Build your own chocolate bar
  • Wine cubes for cooking
  • Aloe Gel cubes for soothing burns and cuts
  • Fresh herb and olive oil cubes
  • Instant iced coffee


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