Learn How To Fry With Perfect Results Every Time

Whether you fry food or not, at least knowing how is a great skill to have.  Learn how to fry like a pro and give Colonel Sanders a run for his money.

We figure there are two types of home cooks.  Those who know how to fry and those who don’t.  Let’s face it, since the “low-fat” craze hit in the 80’s and 90’s, frying on a daily basis has kind of become a lost art.  We recognize that it’s not the healthiest way to prepare a dish, but it’s still good to keep the technique alive.  Just in case we want to treat ourselves every now and then.



Since I learned to cook a little later than most, I don’t have a family technique or recipe in my back pocket.  To be honest, I think I have only fried once in my entire life.  But as I am always yearning to learn more and round out my skill set, I love a good tutorial on the basics.

America’s Test Kitchen are my go-to resource for learning reliable and fool-proof techniques and recipes.  They are great place to develop basic knowledge and then experiment from there.

Whether you are an experienced fryer or newby like me, this tutorial is a must for ensuring crisp and tender fried food, every time!



The steps to a perfect fried meal include:
  • Having the right tools
  • Using an oil that reaches the correct temperature properly
  • Not crowding the pan
  • Knowing when to flip
  • Knowing when and when not to cover
  • Draining properly


WATCH:  The pros at America’s Test Kitchen show you exactly how to fry with a perfect fried chicken demo


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