Teacher Thank You Printable Is The Perfect Year End Gift

Teacher Thank You Printable

Are you scrambling to find something meaningful for your child’s teacher? A Teacher Thank You Printable makes it easy to send a sweet and cherished message.

It’s almost time for the kiddos to say goodbye to another year of “pencils, books and dirty looks”.  Well, let’s hope the dirty looks are minimal.  But before they go, we do need to give a proper farewell to those wonderful instructors who give so much of their time, money and energy to make sure that our kids are having a full and productive school year.  But what to give them?



They will probably get a bag full of gift cards, candles and other impersonal items.  What if we gave them something truly from the heart?  This printable from The Suburban Mom is a precious way to convey a very personal message from your tike to the person who has helped nurture their character and intellect all year long.  This would be a lovely gesture, either as a stand alone gift or as a complement to another small item of appreciation.  Either way, we are sure it will be received with a hug and a smile.



Pop on over to The Suburban Mom for a blank version of this Teacher Thank You Printable.

Happy summer!


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