Easy DIY Trash Bag Spider Webs Make Your Porch The Scariest On The Block

If you only put up one Halloween porch decoration, make it this.  DIY Trash Bag Spider Webs are easy, cheap, impactful and so CREEPY!

Everyone has a jack o’lantern.  And more elaborate Halloween decorations can cost a fortune.  But you can have some of the most eye-catching decor on the block for just a few dollars and a few scissor snips.  Thanks to instructions from The Sits Girls, these huge, bold spider webs are a cinch to make, using common black trash bags.



The best part about this project is that this decor is low cost, reusable and weatherproof.  Check out the dollar store for the bags and try to get two different sizes so your webs will look more natural (or cut them into varying squares when you are doing your initial trimming).



The only materials you need are:
  • black trash bags, 30 or 40 gallon, depending upon the size that you want
  • scissors
  • command hooks
  • plastic spiders (optional)


WATCH:  Trash Bag Spider Webs transform your porch for pennies!


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