Gift Idea: Transform Kids’ Art Into Tea Towels

Nothing says love more than a gift created with your own hands.  Try this easy DIY.  Turn kids’ art into tea towels for the sweetest gift for Grandma or a teacher.

The best gifts are those that you really put your heart into.  Imagine how delighted a loved one would be to receive these handmade towels, adorned with loving illustrations and messages from your little ones.   These really are quite easy to make and only require a few supplies.



Setting of Four shows just how she made them and also give advice for washing and care.  You could use existing artwork or have the kids create something more personal for whoever is receiving the gift.  So many possibilities!



Here’s all you need to turn kids’ art into tea towels, creating a lovely keepsake or gift.

  • white flour sack towels
  • black permanent marker
  • children’s artwork

Visit Setting of Four the complete instructions.


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