Is Gold Chocolate Some Sort Of Magic Trick?

Have you ever seen Gold Chocolate?  Watch as these truffles turn into valuable hunks of bullion right before your eyes.  But how did they do it?

Chefs pull fancy science tricks all the time, but this one got us good!  These clever chocolate makers in Copenhagen have figured out a way to turn chocolate caramels gold, instantly, and while the customers watch.  Chocolate lovers in Denmark love these so much that they pay the hefty price of $9 for a pack of 10, and the store can’t make them fast enough.



We did some digging and we suspect that they are using a very fine gold leaf that is mixed and suspended in the cocoa powder.  When the chocolate, which is likely still slightly moist from the dipping, hits it, the gold clings to it, forming the coating.


allcreated - gold chocolate

credit: Insider


Just a word of caution, though.  We don’t recommend trying this at home.  There are very few gold dust products on the market that are fully edible.  This bakery likely had to scour suppliers to find one that would be completely food safe and stick to the chocolate the way they wanted it to.  In any case, the process sure is fascinating to watch!


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