Handy Instant Pot Cooking Times Printable Cheat Sheet

Raise your hand if you have an Instant Pot.  This Instant Pot cooking times printable puts all the info you need, right at your fingertips.

If you are a home cook, you probably know all about the Instant Pot.  This device has literally revolutionized the way busy families are preparing meals.  In fast, this updated version of a pressure cooker was the number one best seller on last year’s Amazon Prime day.  Not to mention, there are several social media communities dedicated completely to the wonders of the Instant Pot.  With recipes and tips galore.



As with a regular pressure cooker, this kitchen contraption cuts meal prep time significantly, making it a savior for parents who have limited time to cook or forgot to take meat out to thaw.  With this device, that is simply not a problem and many a dinner has been saved!

Jillee at One Good Thing loves her Instant Pot and has whipped up a handy cheat sheet that includes cooking times for some of the most common dinnertime dishes.  Simply print out her PDF and hang in on your fridge for a quick meal-planning reference.



Here are a few of the Instant Pot Cooking Times featured on this useful cheat sheet:

  • Beef Roast:  30 – 40 min.
  • Chicken Breast – 8 min.
  • Pasta – 4 min.
  • Whole potatoes – 12-15 min.
  • Hard boiled eggs – 4 min.
Visit Jillee at One Good Thing for links to the printable or downloadable image that you can save to your phone.


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