Portuguese Knitting Let’s You Knit Faster And With Less Hand Pain

Are you or do you yearn to be a knitter?  Portuguese knitting is a technique that is faster, more accurate and easier on the hands than the traditional method.  Why not learn something new?

So many people love to knit.  It’s a skill that is often passed down from a mother, grandmother or aunt, which is what brings us such a feeling of family warmth when the yarn passes between our fingers.  My grandmother taught me to crochet, but I was actually taught to knit by the doctor that birthed my twins.  While on hospitalized bedrest for several months, my wonderful doctor, Dr. K, who was a master knitter, would come to my room after her evening rounds and teach me.  I’ll never forget her for that amazing gesture of kindness during a very uncertain time of our pregnancy.

Our twins are now healthy tweens and while I still love to knit, my hands simply can’t take the repetitive motions without easily tiring and becoming sore.  Portuguese knitting might be just the solution!



If you are not familiar with this method, it involves wrapping the yarn around your neck or pinning it to your shirt.  (Yarn pins have even become collector’s items!)  In addition, the gestures are much smaller…mainly just a thumb flick…which limits repetitive hand movements that can cause pain.

But as the folks at Craftsy describe, the benefits are not limited to less hand pain.  Portuguese knitting moves along faster and allows you to incorporate colors with less tangling.


allcreated - portuguese knitting

credit: Craftsy


Try Portuguese Knitting if any of these 7 reasons apply to you:

  • Arthritis, tendonitis or carpel tunnel pain keeps you from knitting
  • You can’t get gauge
  • Purling slows you down
  • You want to try something new
  • You like experimenting with new notions and toys
  • You like knitting colorwork
  • You want to knit faster
Pop over to Craftsy for all of the details on Portuguese Knitting and other fun projects.


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