Thrifty DIY Garden Lantern Brings New Life To A Tuna Can?

Garden light and tuna can don’t often go hand in hand.  Upcycle your lunch trash into this charming thrift store DIY garden lantern.

Forego the expense of pricey landscape lighting.  Stack and layer a few glass vases or hurricane lamps, some wooden dowels and an empty tuna can.  Attach them using a screw and paint away.  Now you can have elegant candlelight on your garden path for just a few dollars!



In My Own Style brings us this eye-catching project that starts with a few glass thrift store items.  You may even have some of these at home already…begging to made into something beautiful.  Another option would be dollar store glassware, but we like the idea of thrift mix and match designs for a cottage-y look.




Here the supplies you will need to make your own DIY garden lantern:

  • thrift store glass hurricane, flower vase or drinking glass
  • tuna can
  • wood screw
  • copper adapter
  • old paint stick, broom stick, wooden dowel
  • spray paint
  • votive candle
Visit In My Own Style for the complete instructions.


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