Easy Cardboard Playhouse Keeps Summer Boredom At Bay

Cardboard Playhouse

What child doesn’t love a quiet hideout to call their own?  This cardboard playhouse is a cinch to make and decorate.  We predict hours of pretending and fun.

It seems that no matter how many expensive toys and electronics make their way into our house, the mention of a fort still seems to have an undeniable appeal.  Even as someone with “ahem” decades under my belt, I still like the idea of a quiet space to curl up with my favorite things and pretend that I am someone and somewhere else.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?



The folks at 5 Minute Crafts have put together a nifty video showing how to make a charming playhouse out of just a box and some wrapping paper.  It looks to be a pretty easy project, requiring just some measuring, cutting and taping.  And it can be fully customized to whatever colors or designs your kiddos might enjoy most.  This is a perfect summertime project and the only limit is imagination!


allcreated - cardboard playhouse

credit: 5 Minute Crafts


WATCH:  Customizable Cardboard Playhouse from 5-Minute Crafts


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