Don’t Abandon Your Project Because Of Discontinued Yarn

Don’t worry if the store no longer carries your favorite yarn.  We have resources and tips to find that discontinued yarn so that you can continue to knit or crochet with your favorite fiber!

We know that once you find a favorite type of yarn, it’s hard to break away from it.  Your fingers get used to the way that the fibers feel and you may love the color selection.  But what happens when the store stops selling the brand, variety or color that you adore?



Don’t fret.  The folks at Craftsy have great advice for how to handle the shortage so you can continue with your project plans.


allcreated - discontinued yarn

credit: Craftsy


Here’s where to start when you are in a discontinued yarn dilemma:

  • Ask friends
  • Check your local yarn store
  • Check online stores
  • Check online store with used items
If you can’t find more, you have options:
  • Stitch a smaller project
  • Mix in another yarn
  • Find a similar yarn
Visit Craftsy for all the details, including handy websites and resources.


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