Crochet And Sewing Patterns For Cozy DIY Mermaid Blanket

Have you seen these adorable mermaid tail snuggle sacks?  These DIY Mermaid Blanket tutorials teach you how to sew or crochet one.  It’s a perfect gift!

Remember Snuggies?  Well, this is the most recent variation on a blanket to hit the scene and all the girls – big and small – are loving them.  If you are inclined to purchase one, I caution you, think about making your own first.  Earlier this year, I attempted to purchase 3 of these online for my nieces.  The ones that I ordered ended up being manufactured overseas and they took months to arrive.  Needless to say, the girls did not receive them in time for their birthdays and we were all extremely disappointed.  So, do yourself a favor and make your own!



We have found two versions for you.  One crochet pattern and one sewing.  Take a look at the patterns and decide which is best for you and have at it!  By making your own, you can choose whatever colors you love and adjust the sizing as well.  Your little mermaids at home will be so happy.




WATCH:  Video Tutorial And Free Pattern For This Precious DIY Mermaid Blanket


If you sew rather than crochet, here’s an alternate tutorial using cozy fabric.



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