Low Fat Alfredo Sauce Let’s You Indulge Without Guilt

Have a weakness for pasta topped with creamy, cheesy goodness?  This low fat Alfredo Sauce recipe packs the protein while minding the waistline.

Pasta dishes can be such comforting foods, but let’s face it.  Many of them are laden with so many calories and fat that we feel guilt with every bite.  Especially those dishes that are topped with Alfredo sauce.  The cream and cheese in original recipes are not friends to our health or figure.



How about a version of Alfredo sauce that not only cuts down significantly on fat, but also boosts protein?  Creme de la Crumb‘s magic ingredient is Greek yogurt.  If you have never used this as a substitution, please don’t be scared away.  The plain variety has no sweetness like typical breakfast yogurt and is actually much more like sour cream.  Use the no-fat variety and you have a creamy, tangy base that is perfect for this recipe!



Enjoy the creamy richness of Low Fat Alfredo Sauce without regret!

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1½ teaspoons garlic powder
  • ½ cup milk or water (I used fat free half & half)
  • ¾ cup of plain greek yogurt (I used 0% fat)
  • ½ – ⅔ cup shredded parmesan cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • optional: ½ teaspoon dried parsley (or 1 teaspoon fresh)
  • 8 ounces of your favorite pasta noodles, cooked
Visit Creme de la Crumb for her complete recipe.  Traditional Alfredo Sauce also includes a dash of nutmeg.  We recommend adding a smidge in and adjusting to your taste.


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