Lego Fidget Spinner Keeps The Kids Twice Entertained

Can’t Find A Fidget Spinner?  Have Your Child Make His Own!

Love them or hate them, spinners and cubes are all the rage right now.  However, they can be hard to find.  How about making your own Lego Fidget Spinner?



If you are a parent, grandparent, caretaker or teacher, chances are that you know about Fidget Spinners.  While they have been touted as a tool to keep kids with focusing challenges occupied, they have become a very popular play past time for pretty much everyone else.  Some teachers are not big fans, saying they are a distraction, but that has not seemed to diminish their popularity.  My 12 year old son looked for one for 2 weeks before he finally scored one at a convenience store.

If your kiddo is having trouble finding one, or if they are just the engineering type, why not have them make their own out of Legos?  Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls are here to show you how.  It’s a great exercise in mechanics and physics and they may just end up the envy of all their friends!



Visit Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls to see how to make this super-cool Lego Fidget Spinner.


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