11 Slow Cooker Mistakes That Could Ruin Dinner

Did you think slow cooking was fool-proof?  Not so fast.  You need to know these 11 slow cooker mistakes before you plan another meal.

We love the slow cooker.  The whole “set it and forget it” thing is invaluable on busy days.  Imagine our surprise, however, when we learned that we might be doing some things incorrectly.  For instance, did you know that cooking frozen meat is not recommended?  Or that the slow cooker can take up to 30 minutes to re-heat to the proper temp every time you lift the lid?



The folks at Mashed have put together a list of common mistakes that we should all remember before planning our next slow cooker meal.  Your Crock-Pot recipes can still be super easy and quick to get started.  You just might want to keep some of these tips in mind.


allcreated - slow cooker mistakes

credit: Mashed


Here’s a rundown of common slow cooker mistakes:
  • Taking a peek
  • Using expensive cuts of meat
  • Not searing meat first
  • Cooking chicken with the skin on
  • Using fresh vs. dried herbs
  • Using the wrong size slow cooker
  • Adding dairy too soon
  • Using too much alcohol
  • Cooking frozen food
  • Not layering correctly
  • Not greasing or using a liner bag


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