How To Hang Curtains Like A Pro And Transform Your Space

Here’s the simplest decor hack we know of.  Move your rods and hang curtains up and out for instantly high ceilings and larger windows.

There are a few low cost decorating tricks that have the ability to make a room look completely different.  Paint, of course, is a given.  But have you ever thought about how different your room would look if you hung your curtains differently?  The trick is to start with longer curtains.  These can be easily found at such discounters as Homegoods and Marshalls.  If you don’t want to buy new curtains and yours won’t reach the floor if you move them up, you might try sewing a panel of complementary fabric onto the bottom 1/4 of the curtain.  I did this in my bedroom and not only did it give me exactly the length that I needed, but it allowed me to pick up the gorgeous teal that I had in my pillows and give me a custom look at the same time.



It’s A Grandville Life swears by this curtain technique, which she calls hanging “high and wide”.  See her graphic below and how on the “do” window, your eye is drawn up, making the ceiling look higher.  And the wide-set curtains make the window look huge!



Hang curtains “high and wide” and aim for these dimensions:

10″ higher on the top and 13″ wider on each side.  Those dimensions may work for you, or you may need to adjust them slightly.  Just start by measuring your curtain length and going from there.

Here’s the “after” of this designer’s bedroom and what a grand statement that window now makes.  Visit It’s A Grandville Life for all of her before/after photos and curtain hanging tips.

Try this at your house.  We know it will make a difference!




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