Snail Cupcake Toppers Are So Cute And Colorful

Snail Cupcake Toppers For The Perfect Spring Buffet

Spring is springing all over the darn place and we are in the mood for some festivities!  Fresh colors and flavors are making us happy and we think a garden themed party would be just the thing.  How about these adorable Snail Cupcake Toppers to offer an extra dose of cuteness to the table?  This tutorial from Cake Journal shows you how to make them.  Just precious!



allcreated - snail cupcake topper

Credit: Cake Journal


Chocolate cupcakes
Green buttercream icing
Pink fondant
Yellow fondant
Purple fondant
Pink flower stamens
White edible pearls
Grass tip
Flower candies
Black edible marker

Check out the full instructions here!