Inexpensive Kid Birthday Ideas That Will Make Your Child Feel Truly Special

20 Birthday Ideas That Go Beyond Presents And Cake And Make A Child Feel Like A Star

The best birthday gifts are sometimes simply gestures that remind someone how much we love them.  These inexpensive kid birthday ideas will make for a day they will never forget.



When someone has a birthday, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the present wish list.  Especially when this person is a child and their list is full of expensive toys.  Let’s face it, chances are that some of those toys might be the latest trendy thing that is advertised on TV, and once the initial excitement wears off, the toy may very well get thrown under the bed.  Along with your money.

We love these ideas from The House of Hendrix that remind us that the best celebrations are those that include some presents and cake, but are mostly a recognition of how wonderful that person is and why we love them so.  We are thinking that most of these ideas would actually work for pretty much anyone.  Whether a child or child at heart, we all need to be celebrated!



Click on over to The House of Hendrix for the full list of fantastic inexpensive kid birthday ideas!


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