Write A Perfect Love Letter That Will Make Your Sweetie Swoon

Tips On Writing A Love Letter To A Loved One…Whether Friend, Child, Parent Or Sweetheart

Have you ever read a love note that resembled poetry?  You can learn how to write a perfect love letter to create a lovely personal keepsake.



Letter writing is a lost art.  It seems like everyone is trying to fit their thoughts and feelings into a certain number of characters or even trying to sum them up with a simple icon. 😮  Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise someone with a hand-penned note of love or appreciation?  We think this would be such a lovely gesture for anyone who is a significant figure in your life…a friend, child, parent or, of course, significant other.   Imagine how touched your Mom would be to receive a letter like this for Mother’s Day!  These tips from FTD provide the perfect formula to organize your thoughts in a way that will surely warm the recipient’s heart.  A letter is so much more heartfelt than any purchased gift and such a beautiful memento of your relationship!


Head on over to FTD for step-by-step tips to Write a Perfect Love Letter.


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