How to Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer With Three Simple Ingredients

How to Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer With Three Simple Ingredients

Summer brings sunshine, beautiful flowers and WEEDS. This DIY Weed Killer is a great solution to weeds without the chemicals of store-bought weed killer.

Three Ingredient DIY Weed Killer _ all created


Store-bought weed killer can be expensive and often there are so many restrictions to where you can spray it safely. This homemade weed killer boasts only three main ingredients: Vinegar, Epsom Salt, and Dish Soap. It was amazing to see how “Grandma’s Recipe” for weed killer stacked up against the brand name chemical options. If you are looking for a safer alternative to the brand weed killers this might be a good contender!

WATCH: How To Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer

Check out DIY Health Tips for full ingredient mixing instructions!

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