5 Uses of WD-40 You May Not Have Thought Of

5 Uses of WD-40 Lubricant Spray That Will Have You Saying “Of Course”!

We love it when we find new ways to use household items we already have. Check out these 5 uses of WD-40 lubricant spray that may just blow your mind!



Squeaks and ‘stucks’ and jams are common problems in every household, and we all know that sprays like WD-40 can be the go-to for all of them.  But there are so many other everyday problems this magic formula can cure!  Check out these 5 uses from Rumble  that you may not know.  We’re sure that most of you have experienced these same frustrations… stuck rings, stubborn price tags, glasses that seem fused together.  These tips make us want to keep a can in every room of the house!

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Some other tips that we have found are:

  • spraying the top of a birdfeeder to keep squirrels away
  • removing tough scuff marks
  • removing tea stains
  • spraying under eaves to keep wasps from building nests

We’re sure there are many more uses for this versatile tool.  What’s your favorite?

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