Flower Pot Space Heater – DIY & Save Money!

As the seasons change, so does the temperature. And keeping our homes nice and warm during the months to come can be costly.

Ben Galt┬áhas created a very clever way to heat a room for pennies per hour. That’s right…just pennies!

Take a look at this clever contraption using flower pots, some bolts and a chain. Add candles and VOILA, a DIY heater for your home.


Ben Galt

To learn how to make this flower pot heater for your own home, watch his instructional video below. You’ll need some tools and some rather unusual pieces, like flower pots, some bolts and a chain, but he walks you through all the details!


Ben Galt

This is really quite clever and for those of us needing to save some money heating our home, this is the perfect solution. Take a moment and watch how to make this flower pot space heater for yourself!

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