5 Eyeglasses Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Are you a glasses-wearer?  These eyeglasses hacks will help you un-fog, un-scratch and un-slip your spectacles so that you can see life clearly every day!


Many of us use corrective glasses or contacts to better our eyesight. For those of us with imperfect vision, glasses may be your remedy.And if you’re like me, I use both. I wear my contacts for most of the day but when I get home, I normally trade them for my glasses.

There’s no doubt that glasses are making a stylish comeback but there’s also a lot of maintenance with these finicky frames.  If you’re a glasses-wearer, you probably deal with all the common issues that wearers of glasses inevitably experience. One of the benefits of glasses over contacts is that they are a one-time purchase. You only need to update your lenses if your prescription changes or you desire a different style. But with the prolonged wear of a destructible item comes the upkeep.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with some of the cons of glasses such as have the lenses fog up or getting scratches on them. Before all of these issues would render a visit to the optometrist but now you can save your glasses all on your own.



These handy hacks from BuzzFeed Nifty can help you:

  • find your glasses in the dark
  • stop lenses from fogging up
  • make your own eyeglass lens cleaner
  • stop your glasses from slipping down your nose
  • remove scratches

WATCH: 5 Easy Eyeglasses Hacks that will make life just a little easier


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