Joanna Gaines’ Timeless Advice On Small Kitchen Design

Why do we love Fixer Upper so much?  Small Kitchen Design by Joanna Gaines gives such practical guidance.  And with such a beautiful result.  She makes us all want to move in!

So many of the kitchens on Fixer Upper and other renovation TV shows are huge and can only be found in most of our dreams.  In reality, we aren’t all able to take down a wall.  So, a small kitchen may be what we are faced with.



In this video, Joanna Gaines directly addresses some of the dilemmas of a small kitchen and offers some wonderful advice on how to design your space to reveal its most stunning potential.

Taking cabinets to the ceiling, installing under-cabinet lighting and getting creative with your stove hood are just a few of her valuable tips!


small kitchen design by Joanna Gaines

credit: HGTV

WATCH: Great advice on small kitchen design by Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper


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