Valentine’s Day Photo Tree

Give this Meaningful Valentine’s Day photo tree to Your Loved One…They Won’t Even Think About How Easy It Was to Make.

It’s not always about how much time or money you put into a gift, it’s all about the “thought”. When you give this Valentine’s Day photo tree to your loved one they will definitely know that you were thinking about them. Add your favorite photo memories to your tree and you’ll have the perfect tear-jerker of a gift.





Valentines day photo tree - AllCreated


Now let’s get started.

All you will need is:

  • A bucket or flower pot.
  • Styrofoam block
  • Tree branches
  • Photos
  • Tiny  clothes pins
  • Your loved one’s favorite candy.




All you need to do is:

  • Place the styrofoam block in the the bucket.
  • Stick your branches into the styrofoam block.
  • Pour in the candy
  • Decorate the branches by using the tiny clothespins to clip on the photos.



Make'm cry with this perfect Valentine's Day gift! <3 :'( 🙂

Posted by All Created on Friday, February 12, 2016



That’s it!

Now give your gift to your loved one and watch them cry!