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If you frequent antique stores, flea markets or just good ‘ole junk stores, you have probably come across some old windows. And if you’re like me…I get thinking “what can I do with THAT?”

I have used (3) windows in my house for some pretty cool home decor ideas and here are a few more to consider. From bookshelves to mantle displays, here are some great ways to dress up those old windows.



Below are (23) creative ways to repurpose that old window. From looking new to rustic to vintage, the looks change as often as their purpose. Which one says “YOU?”

#1: She took this old window and added barbed wire along with some gardening tools to give her porch a rustic touch. She also replaced the glass windows with mirrors. 



#2: Old stained glass windows can be found just about everywhere. I even took one, about this size and added handles to the side and used it as a tray centered on my ottoman in our den. It only needed to hold TV remotes and such. But hanging on a wall is lovely, too!



#3: Beautiful greenhouses can be made from repurposed windows. Perfect! 🙂


Linda Smith / The Blue Gate

#4: Create your own small side table. These (4) legs don’t even match! She left the window an old green and has placed it on her porch.



#5: Or build a small coffee table using the same theory. Legs from another odds / ends piece and you’re done!



#6: By hanging a window outside, you create a lovely visual. The best home decor ideas are all about the visual stimulation and what’s pleasing to the eye. And while this window isn’t necessary, it creates and defines the space.



#7: This little antique story in Texas is making use of these windows as doors on this hanging cabinet.


The Little House

#8: This window – shelf provides a great (albeit small) pantry or cupboard. This could be hung on a wall or set upon a table.


G. Collins

#9: Create this romantic and vintage feel in your bedroom by suspending a window overhead draped with a beautiful sheer, linen fabric. Even small lights give it a romantic flair as well.


Judy Hill


Judy Hill

#10: After acquiring this window free from her neighbor, this crafter decided (for now) she’ll hang her straw tote and decor a small space on her wall.


Kim’s Cottage

#11: Hanging this old window with an added flower box is so pretty and yet so charming at the same time. I have an old shed…maybe I could hang one on the outside to pretty it up a little bit?!



#12: This crafter found an old window at the dump. After she cleaned it up, she placed a chalkboard for the baking. {or you could add a mirror} After adding old nails to the bottom, she now uses this by her back door for her keys.


Jennifer G

#13: Creating seasonal decor with an old window is very cool. By placing letters on the windows themselves and adding a wreath makes this the perfect decor for you mantle during the holiday.



#14: This lovely desk-like greenhouse is perfect for your porch. With the windows attached and hinged, you have access inside the box. I think she’s growing a tomato plant in there…yes?



#15: This creative genius built an entire greenhouse from repurposed windows. If you’re into gardening, THIS is for you!



#16: Shadow-box coffee tables are functional and create a great centerpiece of conversation. This old window provides the perfect spot to showcase a small collection you might want to show-off.


Toni D

#17: Hang old windows as a wall to create division AND provide a beautiful visual.





#18: Her home had a very tall ceiling in a particular area and hanging this old window with some writing offers some interesting artwork for passerby’s to view. It also helps fill some of that empty taller space.


jaime t

#19: Sometimes the simpler the decor, the more appealing!


Rosemary’s Porch

#20: By simply adding a shelf along the middle, this old window becomes highly functional.



#21: This crafter used this old window to frame a favorite poster of this water scene. This is really creative and gives the affect you’re looking out the window onto the water.



#22: This crafter is suspending an old window to showcase and organize her pots & pans in her kitchen. LOVE THIS.

This is her advice, “It was a pretty simple project. I used large hooks to attach the chain and large hooks to hold the pots and pans. I think the most important thing is choosing a sturdy window and how you secure it to the ceiling. It could be quite heavy and you need to choose ceiling anchors and chain appropriate to the weight of your pans. I decorated on top of mine with ivy, grapevine wreath and a metal bowl of silk roses. I wouldn’t use anything very heavy on top of the glass.”



#23: Hanging these old windows along this cement / stucco wall is stunning. Love the flower boxes she added underneath.


Caroline / Garden Web

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