Furniture Upcycle: Sewing Machine Table Into A Bar Cart

Raise your hand if you had a sewing machine table in the house.  This amazing bar cart furniture upcycle transforms that old table into useful again!

We were big sewers in our family and the sewing machine table had a prime spot in the middle of the house.  Even before I was old enough to appreciate the marriage of form and function, I understood that a side table turning into a sewing machine was pretty darn clever.

Those tables are no longer as common, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of their useful design!



Ambient Wares has done just that with their transformation of sewing table to bar cart.  You have to check out what they started with and the steps that they took to get them this beautiful cart.  It’s so pretty and is versatile enough for so many occasions.  We want one too!



Pop over to Ambient Wares to see the step by step of this amazing sewing machine to bar cart furniture upcycle.


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