Organizing Seasonal Decor Makes Holiday Sprucing A Snap

Have you been able to find all of your fall decorations?  Tips on organizing seasonal decor make switching from holiday to holiday effortless.

I consider myself a pretty organized person, but I have to admit that my attic looks like a bomb hit a craft store.  Between the things that we brought with us the last time we moved and the things that I loved at one time, but am no longer enchanted with, it’s time to purge and put things in order.

I am a big fan of bins, as they really do make things easier to find.  The secret is to get the clear ones.  As lovely as the colored ones are, they are simply not practical unless you are absolutely sure that you will remember what is inside.



Ask Anna Moseley has a very simple and practical approach to cleaning out the old stuff and making space for your favorites.  Take some time to implement her method and switching from Fall to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas will be effortless.  Imagine all the extra time you will have to actually sit and enjoy your decorated space!


Tools for effectively organizing seasonal decor are pretty straightforward:

  • Clear plastic storage bins
  • Label maker
  • Trash can, or donation box
Head over to Ask Anna Moseley for her great advice to keep your stuff in order.


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