10 Important Tasks To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Before the weather turns and you go into hibernation, take time to prepare your home for winter so you can cuddle up, relax and sleep easy.

With the change of seasons comes a to-do list.  A bunch of tasks that we should try to complete before the temps change too much to do anything comfortably.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just start now and tick off one item each weekend?  That way, we are done and ready to dive into the holidays without a care in the world.  More time for shopping…yay!



In preparation for the cold, the good folks at CBC have a great instructional video that walks us through each “must-do” item.  Somehow, she actually makes these jobs look fun! 😉



Here are the main tasks you need to address to prepare your home for winter:

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean & protect the BBQ and AC unit
  • Clean & cover outdoor furniture
  • Hose down & store outdoor mats
  • Turn off outside water, drain and store hose
  • Purge fridge and pantry
  • Clean window treatments
  • Clean or replace furnace filter
  • Clean and prep the fireplace

WATCH:  This pro organizer walks you through steps to prepare your home for winter


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