8 Trendy Decor Ideas Using L-E-T-T-E-R-S!

Decorating with LETTERS is “in!” And here are (8) fun ways to decorate your home using letters OR (8) great gift ideas you can create this holiday season.

Each very unique and really not very hard. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make fun and interesting things/gifts!

Keep reading and be inspired…I know I am!


Maison de Pax

#1) Create a vintage look with these unusual letters mounted on metal for your laundry room. Why not!? To learn more about this look, click here.


Lisa Souers Designs

#2) This DIY Crayon Monogram is a simple and quick gift to be made for anyone! OR made for your child’s room as some fun decor. Click here to learn more.


Chic and Cheap Nursery

#3) Make this simple monogram loaded with memories! Just print your pics on some copy paper and use mod podge to glue them on! It’s that easy. Click here for more.



#4) Turn some plain letters into something awesome! This mom adds some paint – kinda willy-nilly like and voila – a work of art!  Click here for the full tutorial!


Newly and Becky


#5) Build this LOVE shelf for your home! Click here to see how to make this for you or someone you love. **my middle name is LOVE, so I really think this is cool!



Here’s the finished project!  🙂



#6) Cement Letters: These are easier to make than you might imagine. What a fun home decor idea that cost very little!  Click here for step-by-step directions on how to make these for your home!


Learning, Creating, Living

And once they’re dry, just a little bit of sanding goes a long way. These look great!


Learning, Creating, Living

#7) Chalk Board Slate Monogram:  What a clever and easy gift or party favor. This mom purchased these simple items at her local art store and then got busy painting. And that’s about it. Follow her simple steps and get ready for the holidays!  Click here to learn more.


Maison de Pax

#8) Shabby Chic old shutter with letters:  It really amazing how many fun home decor ideas we can come with using letters. And here this clever lady just added letters to her already shabby chic old shutter!  Click here to see how she made this.


Concord Cottage

Thank you all for sharing your incredibly creative ideas using letters! This is going to be my best Christmas ever…I’ve got so many good ideas thanks to you!

For some more home decor ideas, click here!


HT TheBudgetDecorator