13 Uses for Silica Beads

You’ll NEVER Throw Away These Little Silica Beads Bags Again! I Had No Idea They Could Do All This.

Those little silica bead bags always say THROW WAY.

Well, this time I’m not listening. Hmph

Because these little bags absorb moisture, I found out that they have so many worthy uses and simply tossing them might as well be a crime.

(But do keep them away from the kiddies)






Here are 13 uses for those little silica beads

  1. Throw a few on your car dash board to fight window fog.
  2. Keep some in your linen closets to keep your linens dry.
  3. Throw a few in your photo boxes and albums to prevent photos from aging and warping.
  4.  Keep some near your razor, the beads will prevent rust and extend the life of your razor.
  5. The little bags can dry out a wet cell phone.
  6. Keeps some in your camera bag to keep your equipment dry.
  7. Eliminates that old book smell. Just place them in the pages of a book or on your book shelves.
  8. Store some in your luggage when traveling to keep moisture out of your bags.
  9. Store some in your pills and vitamins to keep them fresh.
  10. Keep some with your garden seeds so that they will stay dry.
  11. Toss one in your gym bag to help combat that ol’ smell.
  12. Toss a few in your large pet food bag to prevent it from getting soggy.
  13. Place a few bags in your fall pumpkin to keep it from molding.



You can let you imagination run wild an come up with lots of things to do with these little bags. Who knew that something so small could be so useful!


h/t: www.mythirtyspot.com