How To Make A Plastic Bag Storage Basket

Every kitchen has a giant stash of plastic grocery bags. And if we are honest, we get even more of them faster that we can use the old ones. But now that we know how to make a plastic bag storage basket we are finally putting them to good (and stylish) use.


Instead of stockpiling all of our plastic grocery bags, it’s time that we put them all the good use. Normally, when I go grocery shopping, I shove all of the bags into the corner of my pantry in case I need them again. Well, the pile continues to grow at a faster rate than I’m even using them. Thankfully, the creative folks over at Instructables came up with this neat solution to actually use all of those leftover bags. And if you’re like me, you probably shop at a few different places so you’ve got a bunch of different colored bags. I think the more color, the cooler this wastebasket will look.

This is even a project that you could get the kids or grandkids involved in. There’s always another room that needs a small wastebasket and this is a great way to get them less screen time and more time being creative. With all of the bags that I have stored up, I could probably make about 15 of these wastebaskets.



Here’s your supply list to make a plastic bag storage basket:

  • sewing needles (sharps OR heavy duty will work best)
  • white thread (perhaps polyester for added strength)
  • a thimble
  • plastic bags of all types – grocery bags are easiest, but you can mix and match.

Visit Instructables for the full set of instructions!


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