Remove Furniture Hot Spots With A Hairdryer

Did you forget the coaster or trivet?  Don’t panic!  Remove furniture hot spots and water rings with a hairdryer and save the finish of your precious table.

When company comes calling, we can’t always be sure that everyone is using a coaster.  Oh-how-frustrating when your beautiful tables and buffets are blemished with excess heat or moisture.

Many “fixes” are out there but not every one works on every kind of wood.



Apartment Therapy has a lesser known hack using a hairdryer to fade the spot away.  Use the nozzle attachment to concentrate the airflow on the spot or ring.  Start with the cool setting and gradually increase the heat.  The spot should be gone within a few minutes!


Here are some other common ways to remove furniture hot spots:

  • Rub with mayonnaise
  • Use a dry iron and tea towel
  • Non-gel toothpaste and baking soda
  • Paste of salt and olive oil
  • Rub with a raw walnut
Do you know any other tricks?


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