No-Fail Technique For Making The Perfect Burger

It’s time to abandon bad burger habits.  This no-fail technique defeats the hockey puck and gets you a perfect burger, inside and out, every time.

Ever since the burger became an American dinnertime staple, home cooks have been trying to master the technique to deliver a restaurant quality dish to their own table.  Bad habits like cutting to test doneness and pressing the patty while on the grill have formed.  What has resulted is overdone, dry and inflated patties.  It’s time to take the mystery out of the grilling, once and for all!



Everyday Food shows us how it’s done.  Here are some of the basic rules:

  • Start with a quality beef.  80/20 fat ratio.
  • 6 oz. patties are ideal
  • Don’t handle the meat too much while forming the patty
  • Make 4″ patties with a divot in the middle
  • Season right before cooking
  • 3-4 minutes per side for perfect doneness
  • Cover to melt the cheese perfectly
  • Let the burgers rest a little
  • Grill the bun to finish it off like a pro!


WATCH: The Perfect Burger is so easy, with the right technique.


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