Precious Baby Clothes Transformed Into Stuffed Animals

Don’t buy the baby another teddy bear!  Baby clothes transformed into stuffed animals or “memory bears”, make the perfect keepsake gift for young and old.

Before you donate or pass along a favorite onesie, why not upcycle it into a special friend that your child can love on for years to come?  There are several artists and crafty moms who can make this happen for you.



The folks at Simple Most have compiled a list of different sellers at Etsy who are pros at this craft.  Just send your garment to them and they take care of the rest!  If you are crafty yourself, there is also a seller who provides sewing instructions so you can make one yourself.  Imagine what special memories these cherished keepsakes will capture!


allcreated - baby clothes transformed into stuffed animals

credit: Imagination Acres LLC/Etsy


Pop over to Simple Most to see more examples of baby clothes transformed into stuffed animals and all the seller links.


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