DIY Orbeez Light Adds Brightness And Flair To Your Space

Orbeez Mood Light Project Is Fun For Kids and Kids At Heart

Have you seen Orbeez?  Grow these tiny translucent orbs in water to make a DIY Orbeez Light that will add a colorful glow to your room.



Are you feeling a little moody?  This is a fun project that is part art and part science!  Orbeez are highly absorbent beads that expand in water.  They come to you as hard and tiny balls, and when added to water, end up soft, squishy and translucent.  This project by Craftytube shows you the simple instructions for how to create your own mood light using Orbeez and a globe jar.

We have a couple of tips for you before you get started.  Firstly, you may want to make sure to keep Orbeez away from very young kids who may be inclined to put them in their mouths.  They are very pretty and colorful and some very young kids might mistake them for candy.  Secondly, we are reading that the white and black beads are actually not translucent, but opaque.  So the light will not reflect through them.  No fun.  So, when you buy yours, try to get colors that do not include white or black in the mix.

That’s it!  Have fun making your Orbeez Light and happy crafting!


WATCH:  Get your materials together and put on your crafting hats for your own DIY Orbeez Light!


You will need the following to make your Orbeez Light:

  • Orbeez
  • Bowl of water
  • Globe jar
  • Portable LED light
  • Hot glue gun


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