Get Out The Paints For This Playmat Rug Makeover

Playmat Rug Makeover

If you have had a young one in the house recently, you may have a foam puzzle playmat.  Don’t throw it away!  Upcycle it with paint for a playmat rug makeover!

One of the best things I have ever done for my feet is to buy anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen.  Between prepping and cooking meals and doing dishes, the hard kitchen floor can really do a number on the tootsies.  I have had mine awhile and they are getting pretty worn out so I think it might be time for some new ones.  The problem is that they can be really expensive and your choices of size and colors can be limited.



What if we could make our own?  Check out what these talented DIYers have done with their former play mats.   Designer Shannon Berrey has compiled a few different ideas that are definitely inspiring!  You can make it to fit the exact size that you need and can make a design and color combination that no one else has.  Try one of these for any room in the house!



Here are some of the basic steps for doing your own Playmat Rug Makeover.

  • Cut your puzzle mat to your desired size
  • On the smooth side, apply 2 coats of primer
  • Apply 2 coats of base color
  • Freehand paint or use a stencil to apply your desired design
  • Seal with 2 coats of poly

Check out more inspiration from Shannon Berrey.


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