Money Saving Kitchen Test: How To Tenderize Cheap Beef

You’ve heard that you should slice steak against the grain, but does it really work?  Check out this interesting test that shows how to tenderize cheap beef and save cash!

There is no denying that the best flavor and tenderness typically comes from more expensive cuts of meat.  But does that mean that less expensive cuts shouldn’t be considered?  There are plenty of dishes calling for beef, where using a Filet or New York Strip would simply be wasteful.  So how do you get the most out of cheaper cuts, like flank steak?



America’s Test Kitchen examines the science behind slicing different cuts with the grain versus against the grain and they deliver some pretty compelling results.  If you follow their slicing advice, you can save tons of money on your beef purchases and still serve a tender meal!



WATCH:  Learn how to tenderize cheap beef and forego the expensive cuts


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