7 Feet Of Hair Revealed And Shoppers Are Stunned

This Woman’s 7 Feet Of Hair Makes Her A Real-Life Rapunzel

Is maintaining your hair driving you crazy?  Imagine the upkeep of 4.5 pounds and 7 feet of hair!  Check out this woman’s amazing mane!



WATCH: Mall-goers can’t believe this woman’s 7 feet of hair

Aliia Nasyrova of Latvia has a head of hair of which most of us can only dream.  She has been growing it out for over 20 years, only trimming it to maintain the ends.  It takes her a full day to dry and she and her husband have to plan schedules and vacations around her hair maintenance!  Aliia normally wears her hair in a braid and bun so that it is out of the way and does not get caught and damaged and she is fortunate to not have to buy many products since she is constantly receiving complimentary samples from beauty companies.  Watch what happens when she goes to a mall and lets her hair down among all the shoppers.  They are stunned!  What do you think?  Is this look for you?


allcreated - 7 feet of hair

credit: Little Things